Those longing eyes….


So after a weeklong of heavy snowfall, it was no surprise that the café was full of beaming crowd on this bright sunny Saturday afternoon. She has been sipping coffee reading her book, and waiting for her friend. She would look up sometimes to admire the day and other times to admire the crowd. She looked up again but only this time her eyes refused to go back to her book. She was staring at those eyes. Those longing eyes, she seems to remember.

It didn’t take her long and she was sitting in the classroom with those longing eyes fixed on the blackboard. She was dreading the school bell which would ring in few minutes signaling the end of school day. How she wished every day at that time that she won’t have to walk back to her house. How she wished she didn’t have to see tears rolling down her mother’s beautiful black eyes onto her innocent cheeks. She longed for someone to take her away from the pain which no one in the classroom had any inkling about. The stare back startled her and she again fixed her eyes onto her book.

But she was no more reading. She was thinking of those longing eyes. She again remembers those eyes. This time it was not hers. It was her friend’s for whom she has been waiting. That day when they were sitting beside each other, gazing at ocean. With his longing eyes fixed at infinity, how he wished his love would come back and he could tell how much he was in love. He desperately wanted to change things if he could at that very moment. How the heaviness of his heart was also weighing up on her. Although she wanted to comfort him, all she did that day was not utter any word. Yeah she remembers those longing eyes.

Suddenly a loud laughter broke her gaze and she looked up to see a cheerful couple talking to her. One of them is her friend. She sees his eyes, but those are now cheerful eyes. Yeah she smiled back at them.  She has now those happy eyes too. Though smiling she was amazed. Life is such.

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Life as I see it …


So sitting beside the window on a rainy day with a warm cup of coffee, hearing the melodious sound of beautiful rain drops falling over my plants in the balcony, am contemplating about my favorite subject life. Although not even close to being an expert, my mind is stuck on this subject since the time I have known myself.

My life, as I think about it, had been filled with question marks about mine and this world’s existence. Not that I got all the answers, but I find it hard now to question anymore.

Looking down the memory lane, those days when I danced in front of mirror for no particular reason. Those days when I played sports filled with passion and sweat. When I spent a rainy day strolling and enjoying swings in the park with my friend. When I walked beside the guy I fell for. When I wrote the code very first time, which I thought I never could. When I jumped off the plane, an exhilarating and frightful experience completed with seeing beautiful world hanging down from a parachute. Those cherished moments, although they come and go makes me not question anymore.

The passion, love, hurt, success, failure I feel makes me live a life with no question. I have those days when I am so happy that I feel I can fly and those days when I am hurt so much that although my eyes might be dry, but my heart feels like tearing into hundreds of pieces. And each of those moments seem precious to me.

I don’t have much command on my success or failures. I have seen failures more than successes. More heartbreaks than I ever dreamed of. But not a single failure has gone by without teaching me something important in my life. I wish sometimes I had not gone through those hurtful days. But as much as they were painful, am not less thankful for teaching me worthwhile lessons and making me a little wiser each time. I still look forward to each day with a new hope and a new dream in my eyes.

Life might not have given me all the answers, but it surely has given me lot of passionate moments. Those smiles after sweat and pain, makes me want to relive those moments again. I am giving my best shot at this life and I promise to continue do so. Doing so, so that at the end of it my life does not demand any answers from me.

No wonder am in love with this beautiful rainy evening, as it takes more than just a cup of coffee to put it all out in words. Well, all I can say is that I cannot stop asking for more!

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